Hi! My name is Leonardo, but call me Leo.

Senior software developer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I work with Ruby, Javascript, PHP and Lua. I Rails and many other things.

My previous employments were at Silverfin (Full Stack Developer), Skore.io (Full Stack Developer), Focusnetworks (Senior Developer and Technical Leader), Agência Azul (Full Stack Developer) and Grupo Sal (C2 Design) (Full Stack Developer).
I've created projects for Spoleto, DKT, Cia Athletica, Beach Park, Use Reserva, Hangloose, Idec, BCF Administradora and many others.

Get in touch with me at +55 22 998507598 or contato@leonardopereira.com. Reach me on LinkedIn.

A little more about me

I've been programming since I was about 14. I started as a PHP developer, which was my main focus until 2008~9 when I discovered the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. Since then I have fallen in love with the Ruby programming language and the architecture of Rails. By now, I don't limit myself to a single technology or language, but on how to craft an idea in the best possible way.

I never got a technology degree nor I have gone to college, I'm self-taught and so I dedicated my entire life and career in learning by practice. I would get the opportunity to work with great programmers since I moved to live by myself in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (I was born in a country town called Bom Jardim). This direction drove me to learn from great professionals with as much passion in the area as myself. And as such, I also found myself loving to learn new technologies and methodologies.

For that, I've always been grateful for this decision of learning through experience, but even so, I'm looking for a graduation in the near future to expand my horizons.

I also love to write, and I have a personal blog where I regularly post tales and short stories of the fictional drama, romance and horror genres (only in Portuguese at the time). My dream is to one day publish my own book, and I'm already working on that!

I have been creating things as a hobby since I learned how to write and read. I started mostly with RPGs and simple board games, and it's these challenges and experiences that have been leading me to the successes on my career.

Some of the stuff I've crafted that I love


My web-browser MMORPG. Created using Coffeescript and Rails 4.0, with node.js and a lot of awesome stuff (like animations in browser!). It's under development.


Started as an MVP but became a very useful app to help me to lose and follow my weight. It was written with Rails 4.2 and Bootstrap 3.


This was a funny one to create and a very useful too. It's a simple manga/HQ reader online, which maps folders for IPs and chapters, and after that sets everything on the screen for an smart reading. It does not use the old boring commom online system to change pages, instead, it uses a very simple shortcut keys to handle the navigation and read the content, besides offering a clean UI. Was written in PHP and Javascript.

My Resumé

Freelancer / Imagineware


My first job as a developer was a freelancer, more accurately: a PHP freelancer. I've worked with different agencies and companies in Brazil in many projects, from hot sites to one of the biggest ONG's in Brazil.
Some of my clients included: Spoleto, DKT, Cia Athletica, Beach Park, Use Reserva, Hangloose, Idec, BCF Administradora, Agilità, Satisfeito.com, Yázigi Travel, Century 21, Nuuvem, Torta & Cia, Langak, Rede D'or, Compra & Vendas and many others.
In 2011 I've founded my development company: Imagineware. With the aim to deliver more professional jobs and projects than as a singular freelancer.


Apr 2016 - June 2017

Full Stack Developer at Silverfin, a user-friendly reporting tool for accountants. Main focus on Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Coffeescript, working remotely with a multi cultural team from Europe. The challenges come since the language difference (all the communication in written/spoken english) and the high level of a international company. Scalability, code reviews, end-to-end tests and code quality were a daily to do.


Oct 2014 - Jan 2016

Skore is a startup about connecting people to knowledge, where they can create or simply share it inside the platform. I've ingressed the platform at the end of his first year, where a lot of programmers had passed before. My main focus as a developer was in Ruby on Rails, but I've worked full-time as a FullStack Developer (html, js, css and rails). As the team has grow, the technology applied has followed. We've crafted a SPA (Single Page Application) with Marionette.js and served by an API in Rails (which I was the main developer).
Working for more than a year in a startup made me learn a lot of new technologies, techniques, methodologies and experience true challenges in a little space of time.


Sep 2011 - Jul 2013

I've worked as one of the main developers for the company. Our focus was in third-party developers to help us craft and deploy our projects, for that I also worked as a Technical Leader.


Dec 2009 - Apr 2010

My first startup experience. The Sportlog hired me (and C2 Design) while I was a Ruby developer for them. Sportlog was a social network focused in Sports.

Agência Azul

Aug 2009 - Nov 2009

For a brief period of time (3 months) I've worked as a FullStack Developer to Agência Azul, at the end of november I got back to C2 Design.

C2 Design

Jul 2008 - Jun 2010

My first experience in an agency in my life. There I've met one of the greatest professionals of my life, learned a lot and was the opportunity for a small kid from a small town to met the real world.